Have you ever been on a journey using your sat-nav and thought how much you hate the pre-recorded, monotone voice that talks at you? Well, now Waze is giving you the chance to change that.

With the newest update to the app, you can now get directions shouted at you by…yourself! Users can record navigational directions in their own voice. You will just have to record lots of variations of basic instructions like ‘turn left’ ‘make a U-turn’ or ‘let’s go’, there is a total of 39 phrases to record in total. The only downside of this is that it doesn’t read out the street names, the recorded phrases don’t cover this and if they did you would spend forever recording every street name that you may possibly come across.

Although this may sound like a strange update it could actually be very handy and practical as you may be a very nervous driver and the voice of a loved one may calm you down or comfort you. Or Waze may not be supported in your chosen language. Or if you don’t like the thought of having your past-self shouting directions at you, you can choose to get directions from Terry Crews, Mr. T or Keith Morrison.

Waze is bringing a new meaning to ‘talking to yourself’.