Instagram has been a hot topic very recently after a report by the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) and the Young Health Movement declared is was the worst rated social media platform when it came to its impact on young people’s mental health. 1,479 young people were surveyed and asked to rate the effects that five social media platforms have on them including sleep, depression, self-identity, bullying, body image and FOMO (the fear of missing out). Youtube was voted as the most positive platform overall (but did get the worst sleep figures!).

Of course young people are going to be attracted to this visual platform especially with the rise of insta-celebrities. Like all other social media platforms, it isn’t a totally true reflection of real life but younger people may think otherwise. But the headlines shouldn’t be using Instagram as a scapegoat for young people’s mental health issues.

Yes, we’ve all seen those accounts filled with images of perfect bodies, perfect meals, and #relationshipgoals, but they are only documenting the highlights without the lowlights, and even then they are still using photographers and filters! Better digital education and being shown the reality of social media is needed to combat young people not be able to switch off.

To conclude on a more positive note, here is a great list of Instagram accounts that don’t take life too seriously, that celebrate originality and will make you laugh. (We don’t agree with all the choices so don’t hold us to it!).

Our top 3 Instagram accounts to make you giggle:

baddiewinkle has 3 million followers and a hilarious take on what you can get up to when you retire!

Marniethedog is such a little legend, honestly, if she doesn’t make you giggle I’m not sure what will!

Betches is an account full of jokes, memes and screen grabs from other platforms the celebrate the stupid, and every day fails we come across.