The ever changing messaging app, WhatsApp, has added another update to its service and they’re only small but worth knowing.

The first update is that if you send five or more videos or photos at once, WhatsApp will now automatically group them into a folder. This means that it won’t send the photos separately but in a cluster which is very handy rather them cluttering up your conversations. If you tap on one of the smaller photos in this album it will then be displayed as full sized.

Another update that WhatsApp has recently announced is that they’re adding some filters to the camera within the app. There are only five filters but they also work with photos, videos and even GIF’s. And finally, a replying shortcut where you can swipe right and start replying rather than having to click on the message.

These updates are only currently available for iOS at the moment but I’m sure that they’ll be added to Andriod shortly.