Heart Internet have recently sent their customers an email stating that as of the 15th July 2017 they will no longer be keeping their domain prices below industry standard and will be increasing their domain prices in accordance with the current market. And as a result of this, they will be increasing the purchase and renewal prices for all of their domain names.

A full list of the new domain prices are listed here.

The email also states that resellers will have standard 10% discount across all domain names, and domain credit prices will remain the same price for the time being.

But on a lighter note Heart Internet have recently completed a test where they offered live chat support to a group of Resellers. This test was ranked as highlighly successful, and over the coming months they will be rolling out live chat support to every one of their customers. Heart Internet has also said that they will be releasing it in waves and will let each customer know when the live chat option is available and enabled for you.

In addition to this, they have also said they will then begin the process of making telephone support
available to every customer, starting with Resellers.

If you have any questions regarding this raise a ticket with their customer services team.