Fellow Twitter Users– Are we creatures of habit that hate change that much or is getting a new look every now and again a good thing that we should just embrace?

Twitter have made some poignant changes to the look and functionality of the platform including, presenting you with the tweets it thinks you want to see as appose to showing it in chronological order and not counting links and attachments towards the 160 word limit (hooray!).

It seems like Twitter’s latest design refresh to lure more new users hasn’t gone down well with current users.

A few of the latest changes include a left side bar to view your profile, messages and anything setting related, the reply button is now looking very similar to Facebook’s messenger icon and likes and retweets are shown in real time. I have to admit the real time engagement count is pretty fun to watch!

The most noticeable change that Twitter users have mocked is how the profile icons have gone from square to circle. Here are some of the memes to illustrate the reaction to this change. (What would a blog about Twitter be without a good meme?!)


Users have also made a point that it’s great Twitter hasn’t jumped on the ‘story’ feature that has almost been introduced on every other social media platform. If you aren’t sure what a ’story’ looks like, just imagine a series of videos and photos together on a slide show and hey presto you are watching someone’s story.

Twitter did decide to ignore the demand from users for the option to edit tweets or more safety barriers to avoid and manage online harassment. Twitter do say they are working on safety features including a safe search that will remove tweets that contain sensitive content and tweets.

To conclude this post, I personally think change is good and this brilliant article highlights some changes that Twitter should really implement.