Facebook is adding new safety precautions on profile photos for those who aren’t comfortable sharing every bit of their lives on social media. All you need to do is to tap on your profile photo and select ‘turn on profile picture guard’. Once the guard is activated:

  • Other people won’t be able to download, share or send your profile photo in a picture message on Facebook
  • Where possible prevent people from taking screenshots of your profile picture on Facebook, which is only currently available on Android devices.
  • People you’re not friends with won’t be able to tag anyone including themselves, in your profile photo.
  • Display a blue border and shield around your profile photo as a visual cue of protection.
  • Profile photos are currently public on Facebook so this gives users more flexibility for adding a profile
    photo and not have to worry about people screenshotting it or passing it around.


Much like Snapchat the person will be alerted of the screenshot. The alert is to help deter the issue,
not stop it completely.

Facebook has also said that users can add a watermark to the photos so that this will also deter people from copying the photo. Similar to an unbought iStock image.

Unfortunately, the update is only available in India at the moment but Facebook has plans to expand it to other countries soon.