Making the decision to set up an online store shouldn’t be taken lightly. While many gurus may be telling you that it’s easy to make a quick fortune in e-commerce, what they fail to inform you is that there is a lot of hard work involved. One of the critical steps to e-commerce success is ensuring you have a reliable, trustworthy online store. Here are five tips to help you achieve just that.


1. Answer questions before they’re asked

It is estimated that 67% of online shoppers will check the returns page of your site before making a purchase. Potential customers want to know that you’re legitimate, fair and that you’ve answered any questions before they have even asked them. Make sure you have pages detailing all of your policies and frequently asked questions, from shipping to returns, and everything in between.


2. Consider your payment providers

If you want a reliable online store, then you’re really going to need to consider your payment options. Are you making it both easy and secure for customers to pay? If you only accept bank transfers, then you’re unlikely to bring in a lot of business. Many e-commerce platforms offer their own payment providers and options such as Paypal. Make sure that credit and debit card information is encrypted and secure, and your customers will feel a lot more comfortable buying from you.


3. Allow testimonials and reviews

You can tell people every day that you’re reliable, but they’re not just going to take it from the horse’s mouth. Instead, make sure you have a dedicated space for previous customers to leave their testimonials and reviews – the good and the bad. Not only will this prove to potential customers that you’re legitimate, but it will also provide a more positive experience for those who have already bought from you.


4. Prove your worth

Have you won any awards? Do you have any glowing testimonials? Do you have any accreditations to your name? If you want to prove you’re reliable, then you’re going to have to prove your worth. If you have anything to shout from the rooftops about then make sure you do! There is a fine line between proving your worth and bragging, however, so be careful how you go about this.


5. Provide plenty of contact options

In this day and age, customers want to be able to keep in contact with you in the way that suits them best. They also want a speedy response! If you are only offering an email contact form, then you could be missing a trick. Many companies now use social media, including Facebook Messenger and chatbots, as a way of keeping in contact with customers and providing customer service. This also doubles up as a way of bringing in new customers, so it’s a win-win situation.


People are far more likely to buy from an online store that they believe to be reliable and reputable. By following these five tips, you can prove to potential customers that you tick those boxes. Have you incorporated all of these elements into your online store? Do you have any others to add to the list?