Update: Sources have mentioned that this new update can cause harm to your website, due to incompatibility with some API’s and plugins. Please update with care. 

Everyone loves a little surprise, and I’m sure anyone that saw the WordPress 5.0 update were shocked to see the name ‘Bebo’. 

This version has no relation to the social networking site but is named after Cuban jazz musician Bebo Valdés. 

The update comes with a new block-based editor, which allows users to have more flexibility with how they are designing their website. WordPress says 

“The new block-based editor won’t change the way any of your content looks to your visitors. What it will do is let you insert any type of multimedia in a snap and rearrange to your heart’s content. Each piece of content will be in its own block; a distinct wrapper for easy maneuvering. If you’re more of an HTML and CSS sort of person, then the blocks won’t stand in your way. WordPress is here to simplify the process, not the outcome.”


The 5.0 update offers a ton of blocks, but more can be added by the community. Examples of the blocks that are currently offered include Paragraph, Heading, Image, Gallery, Columns, Code, List, Button and Embeds. 

Along with the new editor, WordPress releases the new default theme “Twenty Nineteen”. This theme is designed to showcase the new block editor and throughout the theme, the editor styles and used.

WordPress also iterates that this update is for ‘Developer Happiness’:

  • Protect – an easy and comfortable way to change content without disrupting code. 
  • Compose – using the collection of APIs and interface components
  • Create – developers are able to focus on the vision of the website, with ‘rich editing experiences’, rather than dealing with complicated APIs. 


The Classic Editor will be supported until 2021.