One of the biggest issues we see on social media is people faking their engagement by buying followers. Whilst it can be easy to spot when you take a closer look, many brands are paying influencers to promote products, when they might have a large percentage of ‘fake’ followings.

Twitter has taken a step to tackle this problem, by removing API access to apps, such as Crowdfire, ManageFlitter and Statusbrew, three of the largest applications that are notorious for being the cause of these issues.

Twitter released a statement to TechCrunch, on a note of this:

“We have suspended these three apps for having repeatedly violated our API rules related to aggressive following & follow churn.
As a part of our commitment to building a healthy service, we remain focused on rapidly curbing spam and abuse originating from use of Twitter’s APIs.â€

Twitter has taken a step forward to protect its users and the “health of conversations” on the social media platform from services that are churning fake followers in and out of profiles.