It’s August so that means a lot of the UK steps back from the 9-5. With the kids off school it’s particularly difficult to get anything done so you might as well take it as an opportunity – even with lockdown and our holiday options limited – to take a bit of a rest from the daily grind.

Many instagrammers that are having a break post a story, or a grid photo, just explaining that they’re going to be lying low for a while. A lot of visitors expect quick replies to comments and messages so busy influencers feel the need to explain why they won’t be responding quickly. Meanwhile, lots of followers are genuinely concerned about someone they’re used to seeing in their feed every day if they suddenly go quiet! 

However, the other day I noticed a particularly nice display from Coffee and Crumbs, a Mum’s support group, who not only posted a graphic to their grid that explained that were going on a sabbatical, and then shared that to their stories, and then made a highlight of that story – they also then posted 6 other graphics to their grid to make a wonderful display.

Coffee and Crumbs

Not only is this very attractive on their feed, it makes the point for anyone who looks at their feed and didn’t spot the one individual post or story. Plus I just really like the wording!

REST: To cease work or movement in order to restore oneself, or recover strength.

Suddenly rest isn’t about not being “up to it” or being lazy or not hardworking enough. It’s about restoration and making sure you’re strong enough to continue afresh. It’s too easy in the digital world to just stay online 24/7, 365 and so captions like this serve to remind us that rest is important – and essential.

Coffee  and crumbs feed

Something to be wary of when posting a grid display however, is that you may suffer from a lack of engagement as you post seemingly random parts of pictures, and you gotta keep that algorithm monster happy. Try and give each one a caption so that your audience knows what’s going on – you can edit the captions afterwards remember. And if possible make each photo something interesting in it’s own right.