Full cookie management tools list out toggles to let people choose which cookie they allow – and Analytics should be off by default.

But of course, everyone who runs a website wants to know who’s visiting their site – so the cookie law is kinda scuppering that for a lot of people who want to load Google Analytics.

Therefore it was interesting to see TheModerHouse.com’s approach to this – they basically ask their visitors to do them a favour, and let them track their visit. 

The Modern House Cookie Tool

This approach is a little ambigious as to what cookies they’re planting on your first visit, so it’s probably not quite as solid an approach as something like Cookie Control by Civic. But what it does do, is it gives the feeling of the company appreciating your support – like they’re having a friendly conversation with you, and striking up an instant rapport. Like you’re all the same kind of person, looking at these beautiful houses – but at the same time, nudging you towards Analytics cookies because otherwise you’re not being helpful… and why wouldn’t you want to help this respectable seeming brand? “Happy to help” gives you a boost to your day, as if you’ve been helpful – wasn’t it good of you to consent to analytics cookies? Aren’t you helping a (possibly) small business by something that wasn’t too much bother for you? They’ve worded this very well so as to boost your ego whilst getting the data they really need.