The new online home for these wonderful digital collections allows visitors from anywhere in the world to access hundreds of fascinating artifacts and images, and buy a digital download for their own use.

Powered by Corals, the archive collection tool we designed and built for the Atoll team, the online collection can be added to at any time, with extensive tools for bulk uploading high volumes of images and data collated in spreadsheets. Meanwhile members of the public can browse the site, or search by category or date, as well as viewing the assets on a map to see where they were originally found.

The Corals checkout has been updated for StoriPowys to allow for payments with Adelante, a payments processor specifically built for local Goverment.

This latest Corals launch also includes new features such as related images, tying items from the archive together when there’s more than 1 relevant photo.

Crucially, Lluniau StoriPowys is bilingual, allowing all of the content to be as easily accessed in Welsh as in English. This was achieved efficiently by using Bablic, with some clever integration techniques we devised, to ensure a pre-existing CMS on a hosted solution could seamlessly use the dynamic translation service Bablic offers.

Corals is similar to a stock photography website for archive collections, allowing people to buy their own copies of history. Every instance can be unique though, with some Corals clients opting not to let their collections be purchased – simply browsed and enjoyed online – whilst others have been hooked up with printing drop shippers to allow people to buy actual hard copy prints. The system can also tie in with our inhouse content gathering tool, allowing people to upload their own historic – or, depending on the client’s campaign, current – photography.

If you’re considering moving your collections or archives online, do get in touch with us so we can introduce you to Atoll and work out how we can make your project happen smoothly and easily.