Web Development

  • Autoscaling for SafeHaven

    The newly relaunched SafeHaven.com is already picking up traffic - and so needed some AWS magic! We recently built a new site for Safe Haven to replace the previous site on the domain with a modern day CMS that our client can quickly and easily update. The site specialises in news… Read more

  • Hootsuite API hookup for ModQ

    We recently got accepted onto the Hootsuite Developer Platform with our content gathering tool ModQ. ModQ lets you easily collect images, video and text from your team, volunteers or public audience so that you can broadcast fresh, relevant content. You can post directly to social networks from the tool but as Hootsuite… Read more

  • Load testing - our new favourite thing

    Last year a client needed some load testing done on their site before a big server migration. This means testing if the new server is up to the job of receiving the expected traffic levels - and adjusting it before you go live if it isn't, so it doesn't fall over and… Read more

  • Video ad platform goes live for OilPrice.com

    Our client OilPrice.com have been looking for a while for a video ad platform. They've spoken to a few companies and had trials - but the costs are often pretty huge. So we stepped in and made them their own - in just a few hours. The videos themselves are called from Vimeo.com… Read more

  • Is WordPress editor jumping down slightly when you click?

    Recently we've encountered a small but very irritating glitch in the WordPress editor whereby the content editor will jump down by a line when clicking in the text area. After a bit of investigation we discovered this can be solved by disabling the "Enable full-height editor and distraction-free functionality" checkbox… Read more

  • An AWSome day of learning

    Our developer Craig recently took part in the AWSome Day where AWS tell you all about their cloud hosting offerings. (AWSome... do you see what they did there?!) We've got a few clients on AWS as we've been working with Amazon's hosting for a few years now, so this webinar… Read more

  • Cleaning a mailing list for GDPR

    We’re helping a couple of clients at the moment clean their mailing lists ahead of GDPR. By this I mean if any of their subscribers didn’t double opt-in, or didn’t sign up inline with the consent rules of GDPR, then they need to be asked to rejoin. For one client,… Read more

  • How to get an A Grade SSL Install with Letsencrypt on EC2

    LetsEncrypt is great, but it doesn't always work brilliantly with Amazon EC2 instances.Documented below are the various steps and hurdles I've had to overcome to install LetsEncrypt and configure Apache to run a clients site securely over SSL. I'm writing this as much as anything for my own reference as… Read more

  • Getting Started with AMP

    Everyone wants their website to load as fast as possible, especially for people on mobile devices. When time is scarce and very precious, waiting for pages to load can be extremely frustrating. Responsive web design is all very well, but often whilst pages are designed to look pretty on a… Read more

  • Retina Images - Automatically serve high-res images, to those who'll appreciate them.

    We were looking for a neat way to handle high resolution images for devices that can benefit from them and have discovered a handy solution in the form of retinaimag.es.Using just a small snippet of js code and a few other bits and bobs, it determines if you're viewing the site… Read more