Growing healthy young minds with Create and Iszy

lisa Lisa, 15th June 2020

A few weeks ago we launched Healthy Young Minds for Create Health, to encourage primary school age children to think about some big issues.

All based around STEM subjects, Healthy Young Minds features a selection of challenges for 5-11 year olds to choose from to help them consider their take on some of society's biggest issues. The campaign is based around a competition with the best entries winning prizes which can be enjoyed during lockdown. Last year's prizes - when the competition was held in Bristol schools and received over 400 entries - were admission tickets to a science museum but of course that's a little trickier in 2020! 

2019 saw creations such as an Airbox 1.0 to suck in polluted air and clean it before releasing it, special clothes that can cleanse air in the same way, and a robot dog and a special shopping trolley to help dementia sufferers.

The site utilises our content sharing tool, Iszy which allows members of the public to very quickly and easily, from any device, upload their photos or videos. The HYM team are then notified of the submission so they can approve it from their Iszy dashboard and add any comments, so it appears on the gallery widget on the HYM home page.

The first winners will be chosen on the 26th June so get your entries in as soon as possible! You can choose from designing a Coronakid superhero, a new invention for Dyson, a fun way to remind people to wash their hands or invent a way to explore the bottom of the ocean!

Anyone in the UK aged 5-11 can enter a design, which is to be submitted by their parents - you can enter here.




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