The 18a orchard in full bloom

lisa Lisa, 18th August 2020

Over a decade ago we planted a small fruit orchard at Tom's parents house, planting a tree for every website we built in our first year.

Now, the trees are grown and bearing fruit every year - albeit they look a little dry this year. It certainly seems a lifetime ago that we planted the trees, which weren't much more than sticks then. 

For our 10th Birthday a couple of years ago, we planted a new orchard in Somerset, closer to where we're based now, and each year the 18s team head over to harvest the apples and make cider! We grow a variety of apples and it's great for everyone, usually desk bound, to get our in the great outdoors and have some fresh air.

Nurturing and growing, creating and evolving - whether it's trees or websites and businesses, is very much 18a's ethos. Not intentionally as a marketing gimmick, Tom and I just love starting something from scratch, looking after it and watching it bloom! Whether that's for our clients - some of whom we've worked with for over 10 years - or ourselves with our inhouse web (and agriculture!) projects!

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