Two videos doing well on YouTube at the moment pretty much sum up the Facebook divide – you either love it or you hate it.

I was shocked last weekend when a friend said “I’ve heard Facebook are going to start charging… that would annoy me, but I’d pay!”. After laughing at the mere idea of them charging to use the site, I then very strongly declared I would NEVER pay to use it! Like Tom wrote in his post Facebook on the Decline, I used to have it permanently open on a tab – but now I can go weeks between visits. For some people though, such as my happy-to-pay-friend, it still hasn’t lost it’s charm.

Overall I’d still say I’m in the ‘Love It’ camp – but only because I’ve always ignored apps I don’t want to add, and don’t let it ruin my day when someone writes on my ‘Superwall’ and I can’t access it (because I don’t have one). Having said that – I do wonder why my friends insist of sending group messages through it, rather than just a group email. They’d get a much quicker reply from me if I didn’t have to log-in there first!

So – watch these two videos – and let us know your verdict… Facebook – do you love it or hate it?!

Facebook Song

Facebook Anthem