Just had a missed call from an 0845 number… so a spot of Googling later and it ends up it was from a rather well known double glazing company.

What actually came up in Google was a discussion about how rude and pushy people who call from that number are, and how they won’t leave you alone. So needless to say, if they ring again, it probably won’t get answered!

This company probably have no idea that pushy, rude sales staff are not only annoying the person they’re speaking too, but they’re actually causing other people to read about it across the web. And if I mentioned them on here they’d get even more bad press.

Whilst I don’t worry overtly (yet!) about Big Brother on the web, he is there enough (and he often goes by the name of Mr. Google) to mean that you must always be very careful about customer service and what people think of your brand. An awful lot of sharing of opinion goes on online – and you must never underestimate the power of a review from another member of the public.

If you want know what’s being said about you (and I very much hope it’s all good!) then check yourself out in Google occassionally, or set up a Google Alert so that you’ll get an email when Google comes across your name online. If you need a hand, just give us a shout.