I’ve just realised that in all the excitement of last week, I didn’t blog about the launch of our brand new exciting system!

rssa (really simply syndicate anything) lets anyone create an RSS feed of their news in 2 quick steps. The system’s completely free, and as long as your site is coded up using good syntax, it’ll work.

Simply enter your URL, and the system will return some results from your site. You then pick which set of results you want to use (incase you have various sections of info on the page you entered) from the very obvious interface and you’re presented with your feed. If you want advanced options such as syncing it up with your Twitter account so that you automatically tweet each time your site updates, or you want to track the impressions of your feed, then just enter your email address and verify your site to create an account.

You can even get a widget to add to your site that gives you a sign up form so people can subscribe to receive emails hourly, daily, weekly or monthly if your site has been updated. These emails are automatic and free for all concerned. There’s even a box visitors can tick to join your main mailing list, so you can harvest contacts for your general online marketing through your rssa.at account.

We’ve got lots more features in store for rssa.at – including more tracking and different feed formats. So stay tuned!

This whole system was originally just intended to be a feature on our new website – however our plans for it grew and grew until it needed it’s own site! And we still haven’t got our new 18a site together as a consequence! But we don’t mind; we hope you find rssa.at useful!

create an rss feed