Back in September we added a permanent log-in to, so that carriers and senders could choose for the website to leave them logged in from a certain computer.

And now we’ve just set live the follow on from this (via a redesign of the home page along the way in November!) – User Dashboards for senders and carriers, so every visitor can instantly see what has happened to items they were/are interested in since they last visited.

Senders can now instantly see if they’ve had new offers on their items or if they’ve had any questions asked… whilst carrier’s can see if their offers have been rejected/successful or if they have new messages – plus much more. Senders also have a “quick upload” option to add new items to the site, whilst carriers can see new items added in their area, along with items due to be delivered in their area in the next 24 hours. There is a lot of information on, and so it all has be be presented neatly and clearly to users – usability is key on this site.

As with any complex site, there was a great deal of wire framing and planning before the new dashboard went live, and subsequently there are many features that only come into play at certain times/under certain circumstances. All of which give the user a great overall experience.