Email has stopped sending email

Last updated 15th February 2011

If your email has stopped working it could be that the server is temporarily experiencing technical difficulties. You will know if this is the case if you visit your website and it's incredibly slow or doesn't load. We monitor our servers every minute and so are soon alerted if there is a problem. Therefore, you can be assured that if your email has stopped working for this reason it will soon be rectified.

Alternatively, if you use an outgoing mail server supplied by your Internet Service Provider (if in your settings you have your outgoing mail server as or anything other than then it may be that your ISP (Internet Service Provider) are having problems with their servers and you should contact them.

Is the problem with your computer?

Overall, you can check if your problems are caused by the server or by the settings you've got on your own computer by trying to log in to your webmail. If you can login to your webmail and send and receive emails from there, then the problem most probably lies with your computer configuration.

You can log into webmail at:

or if that doesn't work for you (different sites are configured differently) please use:

Change "" to your domain name. Log in with your email username and password which would have been emailed to you on your contact email address when we set up your email account.