Email inbox is full

Last updated 8th July 2010

What happens when you inbox fills up?

If your server mailbox fills up then you will stop receiving emails and any emails you are sent whilst your box is full will be lost.

Using Webmail:

It may be that you check your email via webmail, and not delete (and then delete from trash) any old read ones. Be sure to keep your inbox as tidy as possible.

Maybe you check your email via webmail, and whilst you delete old emails, your "Sent" folder fills up. Keep an eye on your sent items - and any other folders in your webmail - and delete these when they fill up too. 

You may just be unlucky that someone has sent you several large emails in one go and that's caused it to tip the quota over the edge. So remove these large emails.

If you like using Webmail but wish to keep a larger storage of emails online, then please contact us about more mailbox space. Alternatively, consider running your email through a free service such as Gmail which gives loads of disc space - contact us if you'd like us to set this up for you (£35 +VAT).

Using Outlook/Express/Mail/iPhone etc:

Perhaps you check your email on your computer or phone, but you have not set your device (computer/phone) to remove emails from the server once downloaded. You can do this in the settings of your device, where you entered your email account details.

Depending on what device you are using, you can often request that things are deleted immediately, or after a set number of days. This will only delete emails from the server once they are downloaded to your device - which means if you are away checking your email on webmail you will be able to do so. And then once you get home and check your email on your computer, your email will move from your webmail/the server to your computer.

Note that if you set to remove emails from the server completely once downloaded on a computer and a phone then you may end up with some emails on your phone and some on your computer as which ever device receives them first will remove them from the server. So in this case you may wish to set that they are removed after a few days.

If you download your emails to your computer, using Outlook or Express or Mail or similar, and you need to clear out your webmail inbox, then don't worry - you won't be deleting the copies on your computer when you delete them from the server. The emails on your computer are different copies to the ones in webmail. So delete the copy from webmail (and update your settings on your computer to do this automatically going forward) and you'll still have your emails on your computer.