Email stopped receiving emails.

Last updated 4th March 2010

Is the server down?

If your email has stopped working it could be that the server is temporarily experiencing technical difficulties. You will know if this is the case if you visit your website and it's incredibly slow or doesn't load. We monitor our servers every minute and so are soon alerted if there is a problem. Therefore, you can be assured that if your email has stopped working for this reason it will soon be rectified.

If your website appears to be fine, it could be that your inbox is full.

If you use Outlook/Express/Mail etc. on your computer:

If you check your email using Outlook/Express/Mail or similar (ie. software on your computer) please ensure that in your settings you have requested for emails to be removed from the server after being downloaded. If you don't ensure this setting is enabled on your computer, your webmail inbox will fill up and you will stop receiving emails.

If this settings hasn't been on, and turning it on doesn't help the problem, log into your webmail where you will see your archive of emails. Delete your emails from here to free up some space in your mailbox. Don't worry - if your emails are on your computer (in Outlook/Express/Mail etc.) then deleting them from the server (in webmail) will not erase the copies on your computer.

You can log into webmail at:

or if that doesn't work for you (different sites are configured differently) please use:

Change "" to your domain name. Log in with your email username and password which would have been emailed to you on your contact email address when we set up your email account.

If you use webmail:

Check if your inbox has a lot of emails in it, or emails that are particularly large with attachments. If it does, try and clear out any you no longer need. Be sure to check your Sent Items folder if you have one - as emails easily add up in here and can contribute to a full inbox.

If you've done all of the above and you feel your mailbox size needs to be increased, please just fill in the form below and in the "any other comments" box request that we make your inbox larger. Please note this should only be done once the other tips here have been checked as we can't enlarge mailboxes indefinitely without eventually increasing your hosting costs.

Is the problem with your computer?

Overall, you can check if your problems are caused by the server or by the settings you've got on your own computer by trying to log in to your webmail (instructions earlier in this support article). If you can login to your webmail and send and receive emails from there, then the problem most probably lies with your computer configuration.