How much will a new website cost?

Last updated 10th March 2010

Off the Shelf

This is far too broad a question to answer quickly, it really depends on the complexity of the site you're after. Often if it's a simple shop or blog your looking to develop, and if price is an issue, then there are very good off-the-shelf solutions available which we're very adept at setting up for clients.

For blogs we typically use Wordpress for it's advanced feature set and great usability (which is very important to us in all our work). There are also loads of plugins available for Wordpress which extend it's feature set even more, including the essential Akismet, which no-one running a blog should be without (or you'll get inundated with spam messages).

Bespokely Coded

If however, you want a website developed to suit a particular need or requirement, then a bespokely coded solution is the only sensible option, as this can be expertly developed to your specific requirements. When something is custom coded for you it will typically cost more than an off the shelf solution, however the end product will be designed to meet your needs exactly, and the end product will be far better than trying to make an off the shelf solution fit, where it's really not suitable.

Future Proofing and Standards

There is no such thing as a 'future proof' website, but all our projects are developed to be search engine friendly, easily maintainable, and scalable. With careful attention given to web standards and accessibility guidelines.