Your new email account

Last updated 28th April 2011

Checking your email via webmail (your own "hotmail" online):

As part of our hosting, we offer webmail where you can check your emails online at any time.

You can log into webmail at:

or if that doesn't work for you (different sites are configured differently) please use:

Change "" to your domain name.

Log in with your email username and password which would have been emailed to you on your contact email address when we set up your email account.

Once logged into your webmail, you will be given the option to read your mail using Horde, SquirrelMail or RoundCube. These are all just different services/interfaces with which to read your email so try them all if you wish in order to see what "look"/set up you prefer; it makes no difference to your email - it is simply personal preference.

Important notes:

Please do not under any circumstances send spam emails/send emails to a mailing list of contacts you have formed without their prior permission. Doing so can not only halt email services for your whole company, but can damage the reputation of the server and your domain indefinitely.

Checking your email via your computer:

Due to the wide range of devices (phones, ipads etc.) we can not offer IT support within our hosting packages and if you don't know how to set up your email account on your computer/device you should contact a local IT specialist. However, here are some notes to get you started:

To set up your email on your computer (using Outlook, Mail etc.), please use the username, password and incoming mail server details you were emailed. For your outgoing mail server you may choose to use that provided by your ISP, or the one you were emailed by us. If using the one we provide, please ensure you follow the instructions your computer gives you to confirm you accept the use of it.

If you're using a mac, you will most likely get a box come up that says something about not trusting the server/certificate. Read the options your computer gives you (they vary across operating systems) and click on something to let you "view the certificate" and then click on something to let you "approve the certificate". Most of the time, if someone has problems setting up their email on a Mac, it's because they haven't fully accepted the certificate because Mail doesn't make it obvious that you need to do this.

If checking your email on your computer (using Outlook, Mail etc.) please ensure you have ticked the box in your settings to “remove email from server once downloaded” or similar. If you don’t ensure this setting is enabled on your computer, your webmail inbox will fill up and you will stop receiving emails.

Email problems:

In the event of problems with your email, please try logging into your webmail. If you can log into your webmail then the problem most likely lies with your computer/software settings. Such issues can arise even if you have not touched your computer's settings recently.

If you can not log into webmail, or your problems with your computer persist, please fill in the form below or visit to find a topic relevant to your problem.

Please note: we may have to charge for email support if the problem lies with your computer/software rather than the server.