Beyond The Bean

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Responsive WordPress site

When we were approached by Beyond the Bean to quote on their new website, we desperately wanted to win the work! Partly because we know they're lovely people but also because our Technical Director Tom is a huge coffee fan and was excited to learn more about the industry. After considering options we opted to build the site on WordPress and wireframed the various templates ready for their designer Ben Carruthers to work his magic.

Beyond The Bean

After the main build we volunteered to do some basic responsive work and launched the site intime for the opening of their Australian office.

I have worked with 18a on behalf of clients in a design agency, and now as direct client myself. Lisa and Tom are really fantastic, not only are they a pleasure to work with but their knowledge and skill are second to none. It’s not a case of future-proofing with them, they always seem to be 2 steps ahead of whatever the current trends are, so much so they will change something midbuild if a better solution becomes available. Not being the most digitally minded person Lisa is able to explain what and why they are doing something in a way I understand, making complex solutions accessible to even me. 18a always go above and beyond, their enthusiasm for what they do is contagious, and is the icing on top of a very considered and meticulously built digital cake!

Helen Ostle, Marketing Manager