Much Better Adventures

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We built the original site in 2009, after the guys came to us with a long brief that just kept on growing! The site has since evolved and now inhouse developers have made it something very different to what it was originally, but we're still really proud of what the initial site achieved.

Sustainable and environmentally aware adventure sports travel holidays were the order of the day with this project - so a detailed search, according to location, sport type (there are a lot of adventure sports when you count them!), action level, accommodation type and much more let keen adventure holiday-goers find their dream get-a-way anywhere in the world.

Once they'd experienced their holiday of a life time, they could leave a review of the holiday and/or of the company they travelled with through their own account on the site. User accounts also let visitors send messages to advertisers on the site in order to enquire about any trips featured.

Meanwhile, easy to use, step by step wizards guided travel companies through the application process, followed by building an informative and appealing company profile. Holiday listings were helped along with features that let advertisers pick a previous holiday they'd entered as a template to create a new listing from - saving precious time compared to filling in the same fundamentals over and over again. Features added after the initial launch included a stats system for advertisers to see how popular their various listings were.

The site was extremely search engine optimised, with the site cleverly creating dynamic title tags according to searches carried out (by clever we mean grammatically correct/readable - not the normal long lists of key words), an optimised content management system (CMS) with search engine friendly URLs, and landing pages for key sporting groups.

The site also featured an RSS feed aggregator, to keep the site up to date with relevant industry news, and RSS feeds of holidays and special offers thanks to RSSA.