Natural Born Shopper

Natural Born Shopper Screenshot
unfold_more was an advanced social shopping and cashback website for the UK. The site allowed members to browse over 3.5 million products and earn cashback on their purchases. They could also add items to the shop listings from anywhere on the web, making lists of things they like, and earn commission by recommending items to other shoppers.

Advanced shopping features allowed browsers to make 'shortlists' of items as they browsed, and to select how they wished to view their search results (grid, list, how many itme per page etc.) Visitors could also narrow their search very precisely - category, price, retailer, brand etc - and 'un-pick' any search refinement along the way without having to start their search again if they wished to change an option.

The site was also one of the first in the world to implement Facebook Connect, and thanks to alphabetical ordering was at the time listed just above Barrack Obamas site on the Facebook Connect wiki page as an early adopter of the technology, during the presidential election. It also used the YouTube API to find video product reviews and the Shop Window API for products.

The site was featured by Web User magazine and rated 4 out of 5.