In the Press

  • Introducing ModQ - the team generated content tool

    We are super excited to announce the re-launch of our digital marketing tool, ModQ helps marketers by collating all their TGC (team generated content) in one place. Too often if content is contributed by other people in a team or company it's scattered across email, What's App, text and… Read more

  • New year, new rules...

    Happy New Year! Welcome to 2018... the year GDPR comes into force. If you haven't heard about GDPR, then I'm afraid you need to get up to speed quickly, because it comes into force in May this year. But have no fear, we can help bring your website inline with… Read more

  • The launch of The Web Guild

    5 years ago, Lisa Freeman, a Director here at 18a, came up with the idea of a Guild for web professionals.The idea was to help businesses choose a web developer who would suit their project - a trustworthy, experienced, professional company who would give them a good service.Meanwhile, the Guild… Read more

  • Is your site ready for the big Google change?

    Google have announced that their "mobile friendly" change is going to take effect from the 21st April, so you've got a month to get your site ready if it isn't already.This change is going to effect searches done from mobile devices - if an Internet User carries out a Google… Read more

  • Microsoft drops support for all but the latest version of Internet Explorer for your Operating System

    For many years, Microsoft has offered technical support and security updates for multiple versions of Internet Explorer. This was largely down to enterprise users where companies had difficulty in upgrading large numbers of computers to the latest version of Internet Explorer either because of the shear amount of work involved… Read more

  • The responsibility of being a programmer

    Visitors to the NHS website on Sunday evening were sent to an infected website.I read an article on Wednesday about how visitors to the NHS website on Sunday evening found themselves being sent to web pages hosting malware or - at best - ads which the visitors didn't intend to… Read more

  • Vimeo launch their new accessible player

    It's been 14 months in the making but Vimeo have revealed their new player which they've built from the ground up.Whilst they say it might look largely the same, the player has been completely rebuilt to be fully responsive and to suit as many of the vast array of devices… Read more

  • Duplicate domain invoices from 123-reg

    During December we found we were charged for several domains twice by 123-reg.This happened with 2 different 123-reg accounts, so it's very possible it's happened to a lot of other people! And I'm sure 123-reg are having quite a headache dealing with the fall out of what was probably a… Read more

  • Last minute update to EU cookie law - why did we bother?!

    I've just come into work on a beautiful sunny Saturday morning to remove a few more cookies from some clients' websites inline with the new EU law coming into force this weekend - just to read that they've changed the rules at the 11th hour!According to the Guardian, they updated… Read more

  • Updates to our website in line with EU regulations

    You may have noticed our website looking a bit different since yesterday! That's because we've added some things to aim to meet the new EU regulations on cookies which are coming into force this weekend.Everything we've done is just based on our understanding of the new guidelines - we can't… Read more